TRANScriptions and arrangements

            Ross is an accomplished arranger and transcriber and an experienced music typsetter.    Using Finale 2010,  Ross can provide custom transcriptions of guitar solos,  chord-melody arrangments,  ensemble arrangements for any instrument(s),  or lead sheets in virtually any file format.

Lead sheets,  Parallel guitar notation and tablature,  ensemble scores and seperated parts (to MPA standards) ready for print, internet, or digital delivery and more in; PDF, MUS, JPEG and

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Chord/Melody,  Pop arrangments for solo guitar

        Dying to learn a fantastic guitar solo note for note?    Want to play a fabulous fingerstyle guitar solo just like the recording,  but there are no accurate published versions available?

                      Would you love to have a chord-melody transcription/tab of a classical or fingerstyle recording, a jazz standard or popular song?




           I am happy to complete works from MP3 files, Youtube tracks or virtually any other source.   Final projects can be printed, bound and shipped, or delivered vie email in PDF format.




         Do you need clean, legible charts or parts for your band for session players or for publication/ copyright filing?


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